Important information

We're discontinuing Loaded™ for Travel cards – we stopped selling cards in December. Any cards that remain open as at 2 June 2020 will be cancelled. Find out more about the changes.

A whole lot safer than carrying cash

Carrying around stacks of cash in different currencies while you travel can be a bit risky. With Loaded™for Travel you load the currencies you need onto your card, which can be much safer.

Covered by Visa and entirely separate from your bank account

Loaded™ for Travel cards are covered by Visa's Zero Liability policy. Plus, your Loaded™ for Travel card account is not connected to your bank account (even if you're a Kiwibank customer). In the event of theft or fraud, you're covered on all fronts.


A secure way for other people to load money for you

You can have friends or family securely load money for you, using the substitute card number on the back of your card. This number can’t be used to make purchases, in case you were worried.

Keep your cards safe, and lock them when they're not in use

You receive two Loaded™ for Travel cards – one for general use and another as a back-up. Keep them both safe, in a place where only you have access. When you’re not using your cards, you can lock them - get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

Take your second card with you as a back-up

Take your second card as a back-up when you travel – it’s no use to you if you leave it at home. It should be stored separately from your main card, but accessible in case that card gets lost, stolen or eaten by an ATM. Don’t keep them nestled together in your wallet either.

Check your card activity regularly

We don’t send out printed statements for your Loaded™ for Travel card account (we’re saving the trees), but we'll provide you with monthly statements which will be available online when you log-in to your account. Keep an eye on your card activity to make sure nothing fishy’s going on. You can use the Loaded™ for Travel app (available on iOS and Android) or log in to your account.

Lost or stolen cards

If your main card gets lost, stolen or eaten by an ATM, you can start using your second card straight away. The second card has the same access as your first card so you can continue using it without any inconvenience.

If anything happens to either card, call us straight away on

  • 0800 825 335 (from New Zealand)
  • +64 4 471 0222 (from overseas)

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