Before anything else, activate your cards and add a PIN

Make sure you've activated your cards. When you activate your main card and add a PIN, the second card is automatically activated with the same PIN.

Take your second card with you while travelling

You need to take your second card with you when you travel – it’s no use to you in a shoebox under your bed back home. Keep it separate from your main card, but accessible in case you need it.

In an emergency, start using the second card and let us know

If your main card gets lost, stolen or eaten by an ATM, you can just start using the second card. Let us know what happened to your main card and we can lock it or cancel it on request.


Whether you’re travelling or at home, your second card needs to be stashed somewhere safe. Don’t keep the two cards nestled together in your wallet – store them separately. For additional security you can also lock your second card by giving us a call.