Important information

We're discontinuing Loaded™ for Travel cards – we stopped selling cards in December. Any cards that remain open as at 2 June 2020 will be cancelled. Find out more about the changes.

A smorgasbord of currencies at your service

You can load your card with New Zealand dollars or a whole bunch of other currencies. This means that when you buy stuff in one of the local currencies while travelling abroad or shopping online, you'll skip the international transaction fees.

If you’re smart (and we know you are) you’ll wait until the exchange rate looks good for you, and then load your money without any fees.

Different ways to load money

To load money onto your card (which you can do as often as you need) you can:

  • Use Kiwibank internet banking (if you're a Kiwibank customer). Select 'Loaded for Travel' by clicking on the card, then select ‘Reload existing wallets' or ‘Add new wallet under the card details’. Loading this way is instant.
  • Load money at a PostShop. Loading this way is instant.
  • Use the 'Bill payments' option via any New Zealand bank in internet banking. Search for 'Loaded for Travel' as a Bill Payee. Loading this way can take up to two business days.

The foreign exchange rate will be at the day the card is loaded by us.


Sweet talk loved ones into loading money for you

You can have friends and family securely load money onto your card for you, if you're lucky. Your card comes with a substitute card number that they can use to do this. The substitute number can’t be used to make purchases, in case you're worried.

Currency ‘wallets’ on your card

We refer to money in a particular currency on your card as a ‘wallet’ (we think you’ll agree that it makes sense). These have already been set up for you free of charge and it's up to you if you want to use them.

Transfer money between wallets

Transfer money between wallets online or with our Loaded™ for Travel app (available on iOS and Android). The foreign exchange rate is calculated in real time, so you can transfer or load money the moment you think the exchange rate looks good.

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