Activate and secure your precious cards

You get two Loaded™ for Travel cards – one for general use and another as a back-up. Before you can use them, you need to:

  • Go online  or use our Loaded™ for Travel app to log in to your account
  • activate your card (activating your card automatically activates both cards)
  • add a PIN (the same PIN is used for both cards)
  • sign both cards.

Choose a PIN that's hard to guess. If you’re thinking of 1234 or your birthday, then back you go to the drawing board. Don’t write it down, share it or let anyone peer over your shoulder at an ATM.

Changing your PIN

If you’ve decided that spelling out the word LOVE as your PIN is no longer particularly romantic (or you need to change it for some other reason) you can log in and change it online. Or call us on 0800 825 335 and we'll make it happen.

Automated phone service

You can also use the automated phone service to change your PIN, get your card balance and hear your transactions - just follow the voice prompts. 

The anatomy of your card

If you purchased your card online and received it in the mail, your name will be embossed on the front. Your name won’t be on the card if you bought it in-store, but that doesn’t make it any less special.

  1. The expiry date. We’ll issue you with some shiny new cards when your current ones expire.
  2. This chip is an additional security feature and it’s not just for show.
  3. This substitute number can be given to friends or family to load money onto your card. It can't be used for buying stuff.
  4. This three-digit number is used as an additional security check, mainly when shopping online.
  5. Your signature. If you haven't signed your cards yet, sign them here now.
  6. This card is payWave enabled, making it easier and quicker to pay for transactions. Just tap it in front of a contactless terminal and you're done.