Lock in exchange rates before you travel

Aim to get the maximum value out of your precious travel money before you go. Load the currencies you want and lock in exchange rates when you think they’re looking great. This way you'll know exactly what you've got to spend.

Spending in one of the other supported currencies

If you spend in one of the supported currencies, but you don’t have enough money in the wallet for that currency, then we’ll check your other currency wallets in a set order: New Zealand Dollar, Australian Dollar, United States Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Thai Baht, Japanese Yen, South African Rand.

Where a single wallet has enough money for any shortfall, our exchange rate of the day will apply and the shortfall amount will be transferred to the required currency wallet.

Spending in a currency not supported by the Loaded for Travel card

The international transaction fee will be charged based on the transaction amount, and the exchange rate set by Visa will be used to convert to NZD. If you do not have enough money in your NZD wallet to cover the transaction and any fees, the shortfall will come out of the next available wallet with sufficient funds, based on our set wallet order. In this case, the shortfall amount will be converted to NZD using the exchange rate of the day.

We can only complete the transaction if the shortfall amount is available in any one currency. If no currency has enough funds, your transaction will be declined.

How to avoid fees

No fees apply when you load new funds onto your card or when transferring funds between currency wallets, however an FX conversion rate will apply - so the best way to avoid fees is to load and spend in local currency.

If you’re visiting a destination that does not use any of our supported currencies, we recommend you load some money into your NZD wallet to reduce your costs.

Safer than carrying cash

Stop carrying risky piles of cash in different currencies when you travel – load money onto your Loaded™ for Travel card instead. Even if your card gets lost or stolen, you can cancel it easily and it isn't connected to your bank account. Plus you can start using your back-up card straight away.

You’re also protected with Visa's Zero Liability policy for purchases (not cash withdrawals). It’s one of the many card benefits and covers you for losses caused by unauthorised use of your card provided you didn't contribute to the loss, and on the condition you advise us as soon as reasonably possible if your card is lost or stolen. Find out more here.

Keep on top of travel saving and spending

Leading up to your trip, you can load money onto your card over time, like savings. While you're abroad you can continue to load money or transfer between currency wallets online. Plus you can keep track of your spending from anywhere, online or with our Loaded™ for Travel app (available on iOS and Android).


Take your back-up card with you

You get two Loaded™ for Travel cards – a main card for general use, and a second back-up card to travel with. If your main card gets lost, stolen or eaten by an ATM, you can start using your second card straight away. Don't forget to take it with you!

Let the good times continue once you're home

Once you’ve returned from your adventures abroad, you can keep shopping with your card, or continue to load money as savings for your next trip. If you want to withdraw any money left on your card, get in touch and we'll transfer it into your bank account. Or you can use an ATM (fees apply).