How do I activate my new Loaded for Travel cards?

Before you can use your new Loaded™ for Travel cards, you'll need to:

1)  Go to, and LOG IN.
2)  Enter your card number into the Activate/Register Card field on the left hand side - and click Activate / Register.
3)  Add a PIN (the same PIN is used for both cards).
4)  Sign both cards.

I really want to buy this but I haven’t loaded the right currency

No problem. You can still spend in one of the supported currency wallets that you haven't loaded. Your purchase will get deducted from the next currency you have available and converted – an FX fee will apply.

When this kind of thing happens, we'll always go through your currencies in this order: New Zealand Dollar, Australian Dollar, United States Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Thai Baht, Japanese Yen, South African Rand.

What if I spend in a currency that's not supported?

We’ll charge an international transaction fee on the transaction amount. In addition, the foreign exchange rate that applies depends on which wallet the transaction comes from.  The international transaction fee will be charged based on the transaction amount, and the exchange rate set by Visa will be used to convert to NZD. If you do not have enough money in your NZD wallet to cover the transaction and any fees, the shortfall will come out of the next available wallet with sufficient funds, based on our set wallet order. In this case, the shortfall amount will be converted to NZD using the exchange rate of the day.

We can only complete the transaction if the shortfall amount is available in any one currency. If no currency has enough funds, your transaction will be declined.

This costs more than what I have available in this wallet

If you spend in one of the supported currencies, but you don’t have enough money in the wallet for that currency, then we’ll check your other currency wallets in a set order (in the same order as listed above). Where a single wallet has enough money for any shortfall, our exchange rate of the day will apply and the shortfall amount will be transferred to the required currency wallet.

I spent more than I had available

If you spend more than you had available and we have to honour the transaction, you’ll have to pay us back. The same applies if you knowingly spend money loaded onto your card by mistake. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more detail.

Why is there a difference between my available balance and current balance?

Some places, like hotels and car rental agencies, might request confirmation that your account has enough funds to meet the estimated cost of goods or services that they supply. We treat the request as a card authorisation, which means you can't access those funds, even though the transaction hasn't been processed. When the transaction is processed, the authorisation is also processed and the transaction will show up in your account. These card authorisations will hold funds in your account for up to seven days.

It might also be a good idea to use another card (i.e. credit or debit card) for card authorisations so the funds on your Loaded™ for Travel card won't be temporarily reduced.

I paid, but the money hasn’t come off my card yet

Some businesses may put a ‘hold’ on your funds (eg for a bond on a rental car) which means you can’t use that money until they release it. We recommend that you check with the business on how they may charge your card before you make a purchase. If you believe the ‘hold’ should have been released then you may want to contact the business or call us and we may be able to help.

My card won’t work here

Your Loaded™ for Travel card is accepted around the world where Visa is accepted, but there are a few scenarios where it probably won’t work:

  • in ‘zip-zap’ machines (manual imprinters)
  • in some taxis
  • for gambling

My card has been lost or stolen

If your main card gets lost, stolen or eaten by an ATM, you can start using your second card straight away. The second card has the same access as your first card so you can continue using it without any inconvenience.

If anything happens to either card, call us straight away on

  • 0800 825 335 (within New Zealand)
  • +64 4 471 0222 (from overseas)

What's Visa payWave?

Your Loaded™ for Travel card is payWave enabled, making it easier and quicker to pay for transactions under NZD 80. Just tap it in front of a contactless terminal and you’re done. For some transactions you can still tap your card, but you’ll need to sign or enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

You’re also protected with Visa's Zero Liability policy for purchases (not cash withdrawals). It’s one of the many card benefits and covers you for losses caused by unauthorised use of your card provided you didn't contribute to the loss, and on the condition you advise us as soon as reasonably possible if your card is lost or stolen. 

What if I have a complaint?

If you feel we haven't delivered on what we promised, please let us know so we can try and resolve the issue. You can do this in several ways:

  • Talk to a Kiwibank representative at your local Kiwibank.
  • Call our contact centre on 0800 825 335 (within new Zealand), or +64 4 471 0222 (from overseas). Click here for details of when our contact centre is open.
  • Use our complaint form available at your local Kiwibank.

We take all concerns seriously and every complaint is fully investigated, as improving our customer service is important to us. If you're not satisfied with the outcome, you can send a request in writing to our Complaints Manager at to reconsider your concerns. Most concerns can be resolved by this stage. However if your issue cannot be resolved this way, it may need to go to the Banking Ombudsman.

The Banking Ombudsman provides free independent help to resolve disagreements between banks and their customers. Banking Ombudsman brochures are available at any PostShop. The Banking Ombudsman will refer a case to us if it has not  already been through our complaints process

Banking Ombudsman contact details

  • Freephone:    0800 805 950
  • Phone:            +64 4 915 0400 (from overseas)
  • Email:   
  • Website: